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2D and 3D Animations | Animated Training Videos Development
2D and 3D Animations 2024-03-28T17:50:20+05:30

2D and 3D Animations

Capture the learner’s attention with impactful animations!

The media team at Arsiga Konics is skilled at creating varied animation styles such as animated videos for corporate training, 2D and 3D Animations, motion videos & graphics, whiteboard animations, and animated explainer videos to name a few. Lively character animation with intricate movements continues to be an important and effective way to engage learners. 3D animations are also a great way to create learning solutions for training with an element of fun.

Benefits of using animations in eLearning

  • Captures learner’s attention: An effective animated eLearning module quickly captures the learner’s attention.
  • Engages with visual narratives: Animated courses capture the attention and engage the learners by using compelling scenarios, immersive experiences, story-telling, visual narratives, and dynamic interactivity.

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  • Simplifies complex concepts: Animations help to simplify complex or abstract concepts using visual representation. This makes it easier to understand and remember challenging topics.
  • Increases retention and course completion rates: Multisensory experiences provided by animated courses increase learner retention rates. Learners are also motivated to complete the course as this caters to all learning styles.
  • Reduces long-term costs of training: Animations once created can be reused multiple times and work out to be cost-effective in the longer run. This can lead to a huge boost in the organization’s training ROI.

Arsiga Konics uses the following software tools to create stunning 2D and 3D Animations:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Videoscribe
  • Adobe Animate
  • Autodesk 3Ds Max
  • Vyond

The media team at Arsiga Konics uses Adobe After Effects for creating digital motion graphics and visual effects. This tool tops the industry standard for designing stunning and high-quality animations. 

Arsiga Konics designs animated learning solutions to include a personal touch and add an emotional connection with the audience. 

We are a trusted partner to many clients who rely on us for quality products delivered well in time. Let’s connect and begin the learning transformation journey!

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