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Web Based Trainings (WBTs) 2024-05-13T17:14:28+05:30

Web-Based Training (WBT) Development

Interactive and engaging self-paced web-based learning solutions!

Web-based training (WBT) is any form of training or instruction that is delivered online. It could take the form of virtual instructor-led training, self-paced learning, or a combination of both through a blended learning program.

Key features of Web-Based Training:

  1. Interactive: Makes use of quizzes, games, simulations, multimedia, etc.
  2. Accessible: Training can be accessed anywhere on various devices
  3. Adaptable: Training can be tailored to multiple complexity levels and individual learning styles
  4. Tailor-made: Training can be customized as per learner requirements
  5. Multisensory: Use of multimedia elements and animations create a multisensory experience
  6. Data Analytics: Learner’s progress and Training ROI can be easily tracked

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Web-based training is still one of the most effective ways to train varied target audiences.

Benefits of Web-Based Training

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: WBTs are renowned for the convenience they bring to the table, eliminating the need to schedule training and arrange physical resources. The training goes where the employees go, creating the perfect personal learning guide.
  • Economical: Web-based training is economical because it reduces the need for physical resources, employee travel, and printed materials in training programs.
  • Scalable: WBTs are highly scalable to cater to a growing number of learners and can be quickly redesigned to include updated content.
  • Wide Application: Web-based training can be used across industries to create immersive and impactful training solutions using practical simulations, gamification elements, and branched scenarios.

Arsiga Konics offers simple yet interactive web-based learning training solutions. Our expert media team is capable of designing and developing WBTs with different complexity levels to meet specific client requirements.

We ensure that our WBTs are interactive and include rich visuals that not only engage the learners but also ensure a high ROI for the clients. We design the WBTs considering the target audience and their learning requirements that align with larger organizational goals.

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