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Digital Content Learning Strategy

End-to-end learning solutions to meet organizational goals!

The Importance of Human Capital:

Arsiga Konics believes that human capital forms an integral part of any organization. The development of human capital plays an important role in the success of the organization.

Driving organizational success through the advancement of human capital:

We engage with clients to assess the current learning requirements for the human capital, map business objectives to knowledge, skills, and attitudes that must be developed, and design a learning strategy that ensures high ROI.

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The Arsiga Konics blueprint for devising a digital content learning strategy:

  • Assessing the learning requirements: Our Instructional Design team collaborates with clients to assess the current learning needs of the human capital by conducting a detailed training needs analysis.
  • Aligning the training needs with business objectives: The end result of all training is the achievement of business objectives. To this end, Arsiga Konics maps the business goals to the knowledge, skills, and attitude the human capital must develop to achieve the results.
  • Designing the optimal learning strategy: Our expert team designs customized learning interventions that are rooted in ID principles and adult learning theories. Based on client requirements, ILT/vILT/WBT and other eLearning courses are designed to bridge the skill gap. Content is designed to be engaging, informative, and responsive across all platforms/devices.
  • Delivering the training and evaluating for efficacy: Our learning solutions integrate well with the client’s LMS, ensuring a smooth delivery of courses. Regular assessments and updates are conducted to align the content with emerging trends and evolving client needs.

Arsiga Konics takes a client-centric approach to designing digital content. We collaborate with business units and project stakeholders to meticulously plan and design various learning programs, ensuring pedagogically sound content that is perfectly aligned with business goals.

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