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Localization and Translation | Multilingual Training Content
Translation and Localization 2024-03-28T17:58:46+05:30

Translation and Localization

Overcoming geographical barriers and speaking your language to make an impact!

Modern-day training for the global workforce:

The way modern-day training is developed and delivered is changing rapidly. Organizations have to cater to a global workforce who bring their own cultural identity to the table. Developing training programs only in English is no longer enough; the training needs to be linguistically and culturally inclusive.

Localization and translation of eLearning content:

Modifying digital training assets to cater to a local target audience’s language, culture, and regional preferences is called localization of eLearning content. In addition to translating text, localization also focuses on audio and visual elements of training, cited examples, cultural nuances of the region, local measurement units and date format, navigation preferences, etc.

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Translation differs from localization in that it simply offers the same eLearning course in another language while preserving the meaning of the original course. It does not take into account the cultural preferences of the target audience.

Benefits of localization and translation:

  • Organizations greatly benefit by deploying the localized versions of self-paced learning, ILT/vILT, and blended learning as it increases audience engagement as well as controls training costs.
  • Localization and translation also foster effective transfer of knowledge, while respecting learners’ cultural identities and preferences.
  • By opting for localization/translation, organizations also ensure adherence to local regulations and standards. Consistency in messaging and training objectives across the globe is also maintained.

Digital content localization and translation services by Arsiga Konics:

Arsiga Konics works to ensure that the multilingual training is standardized and yet meets the cultural nuances of each region. Our team includes expert translators and linguists, localization engineers, and multimedia and instructional designers who make sure your training materials meet your learning objectives for a specific region. We also ensure that the training component is of the highest quality, irrespective of the language.

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