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MicroLearning Content Development

Just-in-time microlearning solutions for real-time problems!

With technology ruling almost every aspect of our lives, learners are showing an increased preference for on-demand virtual training. A perfect antidote to dwindling attention spans and the information overload of traditional training programs, microlearning provides small, manageable learning nuggets to the learner to cater to their learning requirements. 

The essence of just-in-time learning lies in its responsiveness to the immediate needs of the learners. As time becomes scarce due to tight work schedules, and change becomes the new constant, the ability to access relevant and on-demand information becomes critical.

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Microlearning aligns perfectly with this requirement and offers concise knowledge that learners can access whenever the need arises. Learning and development are rapidly making the transition to online space, and it is up to the organizations to align their training with the latest trends. 

Arsiga Konics, in keeping with this trend, creates various engaging and ROI-driven micro-learning content development solutions in the form of videos, animations, interactive PDFs, infographics, etc. This engagement factor is critical, as it ensures that the knowledge acquired through training is not only absorbed but also retained over time. 

Our expert instructional designers make use of the multitude of authoring tools available in their arsenal to create truly immersive content with high recall value, all serving as “bite-sized” nuggets of information. This formula not only makes learning more accessible but also allows learners to engage with the content at their own pace and place. The microlearning solutions created can be based on short-term, standalone activities or they can be designed for a complete curriculum. 

The flexibility implicit in microlearning enables learners to effortlessly integrate learning into their busy schedules, fostering a culture of continuous education at the workplace. So, look no further and get in touch with us today to utilize the power of microlearning in your training programs.

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