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#1 eLearning Content Provider in India | Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies 2024-03-08T16:50:46+05:30

Arsiga Konics | Leading eLearning Content Provider

Case Study 1

How Arsiga Konics, helped a leading skill development organization in India reach maximum number of people in the market?


The company wanted to convert its existing Instructor-led Training (ILT) content into a digital format. They wanted to use advanced technology for optimal penetration at a minimal cost.

The subject matter of existing training was technical in nature and it was taught in a complex manner. So, another requirement was to work on the language to make it simpler and more engaging to ensure better retention and also to curb the drop-out rate.

Challenges faced by them:

  • Lack of clear learning objectives

  • Not enough SMEs to cull out critical information from highly technical eLearning content
  • Extensive eLearning content coverage resulting in lack of interest
  • Use of technical jargon, making it difficult to understand for learner
  • Not engaging enough to keep the learners interested for entire course duration

Our Solution:

  • We deployed a Learning Management System so that all the learning course content is uploaded at a centralized location.
  • We deployed online training to wide coverage of the target audience and to control logistic costs.

  • We made the training components mobile-friendly to facilitate easy access, anytime anywhere.
  • We hired SMEs to compress the learning content into smaller modules
  • We wove relevant topics into a single training component.
  • We created checklists and wordlists to ensure consistency across modules.
  • We used small real-life cases to ensure learner engagement.


  • The organisation was able to reach to high number of students.
  • Digitisation of the content led to reduction in cost.
  • It also reduced the number of drop outs, thereby contributing to the higher revenues for the organization.

Case Study 2

An automobile manufacturer was unable to train and certify their trainers at remote locations. See, how Arsiga Konics, helped them overcome this situation?


The trainers at different locations taught the concepts as per their understanding. The company also lacked standard learning content and hence faced challenges with the sales executives speaking different languages in different regions.

The company asked us to create eLearning training modules and train the trainers to help them conduct training sessions for their sales executives spread across various cities and remote locations.

Challenges faced by them:

  • The challenge was to reach out to trainers at various locations across the country.

  • It was difficult to get trainers’ availability since they were stationed at remote locations and had hectic schedules.
  • The source content required extensive research work to fill the gaps.

Our Solution:

  • We spoke to different stakeholders to fill content gaps.
  • We analyzed the learning content and created a design for the complete curriculum to ensure completeness and consistency.
  • We designed a training program that included various components such as Virtual Instructor-led training, offline learning videos, handouts, and assessments for trainers who were located at remote places. The aim of including multiple components was to ensure learner engagement and easy access to course components.

  • We provided instructions to the sales team to download the offline learning videos and use them to refresh important concepts.

  • We conducted Train-the Trainer programs to ensure that all trainers used the same verbiage and examples to ensure consistency.


  • All trainers used same examples to explain concepts.
  • The assessments ensured that learners completed their training with utmost sincerity.
  • All sales executives spoke standard language.
  • Easy access to offline training videos and handouts ensured that the sales executives were always on top of things.